So lately, my boyfriends Indio has been buggin me, we went to the botanica and bought a blue candle. We made a small set up and got to spiritually cleaning my bf. I think this indio is very much like a caboclo of water, he wanted an Ofá (bow and arrow) and kept showing me more than once in my we made one out of sheet metal until we can afford a better one.

While i was cleaning him..i dont know..its hard to explain but it was like a surge,such an intense feeling. I think honestly that the muerto touched both of us. I dont want to say i felt like i was getting mounted, but in all honesty, it was close.

Later that night different folks said that my bf seemed lighter, so i guess i did my job. We left the blue candle and the cigar going for the indio. I think if i ever get the chance i'd like to find an appropriate statue for him.

something like this hopefully..

OMG can i just say also that im soooo into Goya brand Agua Florida, than Lanman's, its way more refreshing that Lanman's and i dont know, nothing gets me going during a misa like Goya Florida water..i sooo swear this aint an ad haha.



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